From Wisconsin Public Radio:

Thompson Say He’s Hopeful For High-Speed Rail, Alternative Energy Development

Joy Cardin welcomes former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson for a discussion of issues facing the state and Midwest.  He explains why he says the region is often overlooked by federal decision-makers, and how he insists the advocacy group that he’s helping to lead will improve life for America’s heartland.

Former Gov. Tommy Thompson is optimistic that a high-speed rail line from Madison to Milwaukee will eventually be built. He also sees “huge potential for all types of energy” in the Midwest.

Thompson said those ventures are possible through the regional advocacy group that he’s helping to lead called the Midwest Council, which aims to promote federal policies to improve prosperity in Wisconsin and nearby states.

The former Republican governor said the nation’s heartland is often overlooked by Washington, D.C., policy-makers, especially with regard to federal funding in areas including business, agriculture, higher education and transportation.